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"No one can do everything but everyone can do something. If everyone did something, that would be everything" 

Alan Lucas. The SYSO System


People are seeking help for mental health problems at an unprecedented rate. In the UK, one in four report experiencing mental health issues and one in eight are receiving some form of prescribed ‘treatment’.

We should be happier than ever but we seem to be more messed up than ever.


1in 8 children have a diagnosable mental health disorder and half of all mental health problems manifest by age15. Suicide is the most common cause of death for teenagers and around half of 15-19 year olds with a diagnosable mental health disorder have self-harmed or attempted suicide. 

Building on the principles of the SYSO System, The SYSO Foundation provides help through mentoring, events, partnering organisations and providing free online resource downloads for parents, teachers and youth leaders

Profits from EGO HERE products go to the SYSO Foundation which provides free personal development resources to young people, to help them avoid becoming messed up older people.

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