Alan Lucas

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Alan Lucas was born and raised in Belfast during the troubles, and wondered from a young age why people would kill others just because they had developed different beliefs.


He graduated with a lightweight degree in Leisure Studies and a Master’s degree in more of the same. After university, he worked as a ski teacher in the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, and Europe and enjoyed a career as a marketing executive at global sportswear brands Nike and Adidas before founding various businesses.

Alan has trained across a range of therapy, psychology, and coaching disciplines and as an author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, is passionate about self-improvement and helping people realise their power to have more fun and fulfilling lives. He created the Sort Your Self Out system, and the EGO HERE brand which donates much of its profits to the SYSO Foundation, providing personal development resources for young people to help them avoid becoming messed up older people.